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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Blanket I made for my Godson!

After being asked to be godmother to my best friends baby Jake, I thought it would be great to try my hand at knitting him a blanket! I got the pattern from Debbie Bliss, and basically knitted 56 squares together (18 stiches each, 20 rows, 5.5needles).

Well, after much cursing and 'why did I choose to this' exclamations, it was well worth the effort and am most pleased with the results! Needless to say, if I decide to knit a blanket again, it will be in long panels!! Darning is just too much effort! :)

Karen x

Monday, 3 May 2010

Cute little dress I made

Hi guys,
After inheriting my Gran's sewing machine and lugging it back on the plane with me from SA (!!!), I thought I should try my sewing skills out.
So I dug out some South African fabric I bought in Cape Town called 'shwe shwe' & bought a little sewing pattern off & away I went. Well I have to admit it wasn't plain sailing to start....

I had to phone, email & skype my mom in SA several times to ask her questions about cutting out the pattern, pinning & sewing it all together! But I'm happy to say I've finished the little dress & I'm really pleased with the results! My cousin is due to have her baby soon & I hope it's a girl so I can give her the dress as a present. Happy sewing & crafting ! Love Bron x x

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Craftea ''Tee's''

Hi guys,

I am back, so much has changed and yet I have neglected to update our craft blog, so here goes!

I wanted to try some t-shirt embellishment ideas. My Sister inlaw hinted that she could not find Tee's that fitted or had the designs she wanted.Great a challenge and a brief:
Tee = £2 from Primark (Cotton Stretch)
Reduce the length: altered the hemline.
Graphic style applique
Taking influences from Orla Keily and wallpaper boarder placements.
Bright colours for Tee bases.
So now setup I used offcuts from John Lewis Home furnishing department (curtain scraps!)

I had great fun cutting, printing and arranging my designs before sewing and ironing on the transfers to finish.

A great way to destress from work xx