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Friday, 15 October 2010

Canvas montage wedding dress designing

After 3yrs since my wedding I have been keen to create a montage of my wedding dress design development in canvas form.
Having gathered and saved research material at the time of development, I was able to plot the layout, photoshop and intergrate the images with fabric gathered and embellishment.

Seeing it together, brought back great memories and gave me great satisfaction to thank Michelle for all the time she gave to me and andrew during the preparation to our wedding.
Fran x

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Baby shower prezzie x

Hi Guys,
Having been to my first baby shower in August, I had to complete a letter making project. The Mother-to-be wanted alphabet letters to go on the wall for the nursery so I chose the Letter 'F'.

First thinking about my knit fairy idea, I collaborated with my husbands box-making skills and appliqued the knitted pieces around the cardboard frame. The Letter was free standing, light and friendly to touch x

Fran x

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Pressie for sister-in-law!

Finally, I've finished the little hippo I've been knitting for Simon's sister.
It took ages as I've been quite tired in the evenings.

The hippo is really cute and is wearing a little jersey.

I'm so pleased with the results & I hope she likes it too.

Now I'd better post it to her ... her baby boy is due on 1 September! x

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Blanket I made for my Godson!

After being asked to be godmother to my best friends baby Jake, I thought it would be great to try my hand at knitting him a blanket! I got the pattern from Debbie Bliss, and basically knitted 56 squares together (18 stiches each, 20 rows, 5.5needles).

Well, after much cursing and 'why did I choose to this' exclamations, it was well worth the effort and am most pleased with the results! Needless to say, if I decide to knit a blanket again, it will be in long panels!! Darning is just too much effort! :)

Karen x

Monday, 3 May 2010

Cute little dress I made

Hi guys,
After inheriting my Gran's sewing machine and lugging it back on the plane with me from SA (!!!), I thought I should try my sewing skills out.
So I dug out some South African fabric I bought in Cape Town called 'shwe shwe' & bought a little sewing pattern off & away I went. Well I have to admit it wasn't plain sailing to start....

I had to phone, email & skype my mom in SA several times to ask her questions about cutting out the pattern, pinning & sewing it all together! But I'm happy to say I've finished the little dress & I'm really pleased with the results! My cousin is due to have her baby soon & I hope it's a girl so I can give her the dress as a present. Happy sewing & crafting ! Love Bron x x

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Craftea ''Tee's''

Hi guys,

I am back, so much has changed and yet I have neglected to update our craft blog, so here goes!

I wanted to try some t-shirt embellishment ideas. My Sister inlaw hinted that she could not find Tee's that fitted or had the designs she wanted.Great a challenge and a brief:
Tee = £2 from Primark (Cotton Stretch)
Reduce the length: altered the hemline.
Graphic style applique
Taking influences from Orla Keily and wallpaper boarder placements.
Bright colours for Tee bases.
So now setup I used offcuts from John Lewis Home furnishing department (curtain scraps!)

I had great fun cutting, printing and arranging my designs before sewing and ironing on the transfers to finish.

A great way to destress from work xx