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Sunday, 19 July 2009

100% Design 24-27th sept 2009

For all those crafTEAs I just wanted to say that I am interested in going to the 100% design show at earls court as it is always very good for textile inspiration, freebees and fun interiors and gifts. 24-27th sept Just click on the link to register and get in free x We can then choose closer to the date when we want to go:

hope this link works? fran x

Monday, 13 July 2009

7th July at Mich's house

Hi guys,
Just needed to upload the photos onto the blog from Miche's night.
I am using craftclub to do the stuff that is fun, so I hope you are
all enjoying your projects too! Although my photo looks like a piece of toast :)
I think the bus is going to take bunny home for some toast!!...and rap up warm in knit queens Karens creations (see next blog!)
fran x

Launch of crafTEA!

We had our first crafTEA night at Bron's house on 26th May 2009. Mich, Fran, Karen and Bron each kick started their crafty projects. It was fun to see the very different techniques and ideas that we each had and the reasons for wanting to have craftTEA nights.

We are all in agreement that the biggest challenge will be keeping focussed on craft - and not getting sidetracked. So we made a rule that (unlike Book Club) we don't drink alcohol. It's tea and cake for us, so there's no worry of pricking our fingers after a few glasses of wine!

Fran starts crocheting as knitting has been her life. This will be a new skill and a big challenge to inspire texture and make for a relaxing hobby to do on, train or even on the top of mountains!! (photo to follow!!!) first few stitches.....(PHOTO)
Not sure what it will become, but bron bought me a bag book for birthday so maybe I will look at some layouts or patterns. Initially thinking cushions, but now bags are a girls best friend x

Bron decided to make a little present for Andrea's baby that was handmade with a personal touch from London. So here is the outline of the double decker london bus and wheels.... now I had better finish it before Emily grows out of the babygro!!

The wheels on the bus....

Karen is knitting a textured multi coloured scarf - complete with pockets! ofcourse a scarf needs pockets as a keen skier someone needs to store her skies and mits!! After the first week of book club Miche had already commissioned Karen to complete some panels to insert into her cushion...that girl needs TEXTURE!! So combining talents we might end up with a textured joint project.....yet to see joint textured cushion as SOMEONE WENT TO GOLF LESSON AND MISSED THE NEXT crafTEA!!! Karen knitting golf jersey......(photo).

Mich started her quilting cushion by cutting panels and arranging the fab fabric into an eye catching design. Pinning together and preparing the panels for sewing homework, shen then moved onto her Gok Wan project. She revamped a vintage cardigan with sparkling diamante buttons, totally transforming into a Gok-tastic cardy!