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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

christmas handmade decorations

christmas is only round the corner!!

I am trialling some bauble decorations in felted pots x

Sorry I can't swivel the top pic round! Just roll your head to the left to veiw!! heehee! I am going to fill in the glittery skeleton crown stems with silver thread to imitate cobweb and shape.
The Felt boxes are easy and inspired by my last trip to austria/germany, ofcourse!! work in progress to be finished xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxfranx

Monday, 9 November 2009

polly and emma painting

Hi all! started with good intensions, and now little hobbies are randomly springing up.
As winter is now in full swing, I have been a little motivated and nearly finished a painting I have been meaning to do. I loved the photograph I took of two of my good friends Polly and Emma,
so I have converted them into acrylics and enlarged them on canvass.

Just a few bits to the finish line now.......Polly's eye, Emma's t-shirt print design, Emma's ring and background near to her head. As this is none worky related and taken me 5weeks to nearly complete, I am classing it as
CRAFTEA. But I do understand that no meeting has taken place for a while.
I am going to instigate a meeting and also open up the entrants.
My girlfriend Polly (the one to the Left in the painting!!) has shown a keen interest.
Living in Brixton I am going to invite her to our blog.
This is to NO WAY think of replacing Miche as with the blog we can continue overseas x
We are sad thou that she will not beable to attend in the future due to the Milage involved.
love as always craftea bloggers x

fran x