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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sewing success! (thanks Mom)

While on holiday with my folks, I decided to make use of my mom's extensive sewing knowledge. So we decided on a sewing project - to make a tracksuit for a 6-9 month baby. (I figured that way I would have at least 4 months to finish it before Jake outgrew it!)

It took some juggling to try and sew at every opportunity (not easy with a baby and in between all the holiday activities!) but I did it. I'm very proud to say it was a huge success and I sewed a tracksuit top AND bottom - in ONLY ONE WEEK! WOW!

I learnt lots of new techniques - like how to sew stretchy ribtrim around the neck. I also picked up little tricks and tips from my mom. They really are fantastic time savers and also make the finish of the sewing beautiful. The best trick was sewing with a double needle. Who knew a double needle even existed!? It means you can sew once around the neck/ arms etc and it makes a beautiful finish and it's really easy too! (see photo on the left)

So I'm feeling very proud of myself with my sewing success! Now I'm going to find a little sewing table and set up a sewing work area in Jake's room and start another little sewing project..... I'll keep you posted! x x

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